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Sales Benchmarking

Recruiting in Insurance

  • No client side data input needed
  • Employee turnover decreased by 16%
  • 21% higher revenue per salesman

The challenge

A fortune 500 company employs a large workforce of Sales Agents on the streets. Each agent needs training before they can be employed in sales effectively. The more complex products which are also more profitable take an extended training period for the newly hired personnel.
This creates an upfront investment of companies in their workforce before being able to reap benefits. Additionally, not all Sales Agents perform equally well, which leads to varying returns on the investment.

Hence, uncertainty in the effectiveness of training and employee turnover pose a financial risk for employers.


ERASON leverages the predictive power and psychology insights of it’s award-winning AIlon-Engine to predict both sales performance and employee turnover, while minimizing the risk of the upfront, based on the digital footprint of the sales agent. On the one hand AIlon's personality prediction is highly predictive of the sales performance (according to research, personality accounts for 20%-30% of the performance).
On the other hand the partnership with AIlon enabled the client to reduce the dropout rate by 24% compared to the previous quarter.

The combination of lower turnover and knowing which employee is worth investing in resulted in five-figure savings for the company within a few months.

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AIlon's results in form of an on-premise solutions were a fantastic add-on to our existing recruitment infrastructure

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High fluctuation in combination with low sales performance poses an enormous financial burden for a fortune 500 company. The Human Resources Department had no way to predict the sales performances of potential new employees in advance. However, recent research suggests a strong relationship between psychometrics and sales performance of agents. It is scientifically proven that sales performance significantly correlates with the personality measured as Big 5 (also known as the OCEAN model).
Especially attributes such as Extraversion, Agreeableness and Conscientiousness are proven to be positive indicators for sales performance. All of the three features and predicted by AIlon in still unreached accuracy.

Here is a quick introduction of the three features used in the given setting:
Extraversion includes traits such as sociability, assertiveness, activity and talkativeness. Extraverts are energetic and optimistic.

Conscientiousness refers to self-control and the active process of planning, organizing and carrying out tasks. The conscientious person is purposeful, strong-willed and determined.

An agreeable person is fundamentally altruistic, sympathetic to others and eager to help them, and in return believes that others will be equally helpful.

The predictive power of ERASON's AIlon-Engine was able to leverage unbiased, omni-channel analytics in both their recruiting and advanced training processes. Consequently, the company achieved a lower drop-out rate and training costs as well as higher sales performance leading to reduced costs and higher revenues.

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