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  • In-depth insights about customers
  • 66% less scatter loss
  • 50% more conversions

The challenge

The client is a young company from the fashion industry, which has been specialized in the sustainable production of women's clothing. In their mind they had a clear picture of their customer in terms of socio-demographic markers.
However, they could not be certain whether their imaginary picture was correct or even adequate. Additionally, with the sparsity and uncertainty of the information at hand the performance of the client's marketing was questionable. The issue of potential scatter loss had not only not been dealt with, but instead not addressed all together.


AIlon's calculations uncovered that with the given perception of the customers lead to a scatter loss of over 60% . Instead of the socio-demographic attributes the client had in mind, AIlon found the target group to be easily identifiable by their particular interest in fitness and yoga studios (45% probability) and also high probability of owning a dog.

Based on AIlon's insights the company developed an new online marketing strategy, which enabled them to reach its target group much more precisely and with a significant increase in sales. After the implementation of the results of AIlon, the scatter loss could be reduced to approx. 20%. In conclusion, the client was able to simultaneously greatly decrease scatter loss, increase conversion and get a better understand of their customers interests and needs.

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It's been absolutely shocking to realize how much money we've burned due to marketing wastage.

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Before AIlon's deep insights the client tried to reach out wealthy young women in very exclusive lifestyle magazines. However, this mode of operation turned out to be inefficient in the analysis.
Instead the client leveraged the knowledge from AIlon to create a new marketing campaign. The online marketing alone with banner ads on specific websites, as well as the industry filter on social networks helped the company to increase its conversion rates by 50%.

Additionally, the extensive information about socio-demographic, geographic and psychographic attributes provided by AIlon enabled the client to custom-tailor ads with regards to both content and design leading to a steep increase in conversion rate.

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