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Why AIlon matters crucially for your business

As you communicate with your audience, you communicate with individuals.

Every individual in your audience has a different mindset, preferences, habits and much more. It is crucial for you to understand why people actually buy your product as opposed to the ones of your competitors. This is especially true in competitive markets. AIlon enables augmented intelligence for you, a new methodology that propels your success. On this page, we will make you understand why AIlon matters: also, for you.
Because the reality is too complex - even for the brightest minds.

Image Blanket advertising is dead

Blanket advertising, so the idea that a hundred million people receive the same piece of direct mail, the same television advert, the same digital advert or the same poster advert, is dead. Thus, most companies started to segment their audiences.
However, as mentioned afore, your audience consists of many individuals, who have different mindsets, preferences and habits. Segmenting this audience is extremely complex, yet most companies still segment their audiences by demographics and geographic.

Pause a moment and think about it.

It is a ridiculous idea. It assumes people to be one-dimensional and show the same advert based solely on age, gender, ethnicity and so on and forth. Clearly, demographics and geographics influence your worldview, however are negligible compared to interests, lifestyle and personality which makes people who they are and drives their behavior.
It is absolutely necessary to view audiences for the multi-dimensional subject they are and identify the dimensions that actually matter.

Classical marketing starts with the creatives and ends at the audience

Classical marketing and communication agencies still follow a top-down approach, meaning that it is creative lead, where marketers get together and develop adverts in the hope that the audiences will resonate. However, communication is fundamentally changing:
Today, we have millions of data points on your target audience to understand the individuals we are interested in long before the creative process starts.

Modern marketing starts at the audience and ends at the audience

The point is, we do not have to guess how an advert will resonate with the audience anymore. The knowledge is latent in the enormous masses of data ready to be unlocked by the power of AI.

Hence, today's communication is becoming increasingly individualized. The goal is to display only adverts of products and services that are relevant to each individual.

AIlon analyzes your audience, you make the decision based on it.

This is augmented intelligence.
Augmented Intelligence extends and supports human intelligence with the help of artificial intelligence. The artificial intelligence evaluates vast amounts of complex data and provides people with decision-making basis.

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