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Tailor your ads to personality

When we like a piece of content on social media, we are not just expressing that we like that specific page. We are revealing deeper aspects of our identity, because the things we like and enjoy depend on our personalities. If we are extraverted rather than introverted, we may be more likely to enjoy social content. If we have high rather than low openness, we may be more likely to enjoy adventurous content. The truckload of followings that social media has on each user allows to infer a user’s personality.
In fact, that data allows a computer to predict our personality better than our friends or family can. So, by assessing our personality via our social media digital footprint, academics ran three experiments, all focused on identifying whether messages that fit social media users’ personalities would be more likely to convince them to buy a product. In the first study, they created two versions of a beauty product advert: one they believed would be ideal for extraverted users and another that was designed for introverted users. The extraverted adverts would use messages that appeal to an outgoing and sociable nature such as “Dance like no one’s watching (but they totally are)”. In contrast, the introverted adverts would lean toward messages targeting a quieter and more withdrawn demeanor, such as “Beauty doesn’t have to shout”. Their advertising campaign reached over 3 million Facebook users. When the advert matched a user’s personal level of extraversion, the researchers found that the user was 50% more likely to buy the product in contrast to the mismatched advert. Hence personality-based targeting allows adverts to connect with users on a deeper level, and is more likely to sway them toward clicking the buy button.

Challenge AIlon and check if it also knows your brand or company. Just type in your company name or domain and AIlon will show which brands it knows. Although AIlon knows millions of companies, brands and products obviously it can not know all of them. However, even if AIlon does not know your brand, we can teach it blazingly fast and analyze your clients.

AIlon Psychological Targeting

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  • Introduction into Big 5 model
  • Tailored towards your audience
  • 50% higher revenue per marketing campaign
  • 30% higher click rates
Dive into psychometrics
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Frequently Asked Questions

Of course! We offer you a free demo, just send us a message. We can also create various statistics about your audience and publish them in AIlon Statistics.

Yes, we do. We offer bulk discount if AIlon analyzes more than five client groups within an audience. Just send us an E-Mail.

Not yet, we are working as hard as we can in order to change AIlon into a digital subscription-based product.

Sure. Start-Ups can apply for heavy discount, as well as small companies. AIlon Light+Clients is free for Non-Profits, just contact us and let us check if you are eligible.

Of course not. This has two reasons: an ethical and a technical.
The ethical reason is that we can not and do not want to force anybody into AIlon's analytics if he/she does not want to.
The technical reason is that we do not have to - this is what machine learning is made for. AIlon does not have to examine every single individual within your client group - in fact algorithms stop learning when sample size has been sufficient. Furhermore, AIlon profits massively from transfer learning, which means that AIlon uses co-occuring preferences and attributes from other samples.
We do not promise that AIlon will examine all of your clients, but we promise that the training set for AIlon will be absolutely sufficient.

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