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Who is your client?

Understanding your clients and your audience is crucial to succeed, especially in competitive markets.
Today’s market reality is wildly complex, impossible to grasp from a single perspective. Millions of influences and interactions form its shape and decide the success of companies. Identifying opportunities to capture market value becomes increasingly difficult. Classical market research and consulting companies use often horrendously expensive and invalid surveys or business intelligence tools to answer one-dimensional questions about business cases, products, clients and audiences.
AIlon is different. It covers many questions you may have in order to successfully direct your company to the needs of the market as well as your current and your future clients. The answers to those questions are based on millions of digital footprints in your market. However, digesting and interpreting this large amount of data is a highly complex endeavor. Therefore, let us introduce AIlon. AIlon helps you to understand this vast amount of data and draws the right conclusions from it. We are constantly gathering massive amounts of digital footprints and apply cutting-edge Deep Learning techniques to extract its essence. The results in this report generated by AIlon provide extensive knowledge about interests and behavior patterns of your current and future clients as well as target groups and the general population of your market. First, let AIlon explain how your client group compares to your audience to figure out where you loose potential. Losses across six dimensions show exactly where to take action.

The Executive Summary gives a quick overview of your client group's alignment to your audience before AIlon guides you through the dimensions of market research.

Examine inefficiencies in details

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Start diving into augmented intelligence.
If we interpret your clients as the sum of all your strategic decisions, then we can see how many of them were correct in AIlon's Score. The score in this example is 88.96%, which is a good value.
However, the score could be better: the client had a strong homebias and underestimated buying potential especially of the younger part in his audience (females, as well as males) and about hispanics.

Challenge AIlon and check if it also knows your brand or company. Just type in your company name or domain and AIlon will show which brands it knows. Although AIlon knows millions of companies, brands and products obviously it can not know all of them. However, even if AIlon does not know your brand, we can teach it blazingly fast and analyze your clients.


starting from

  • Audience Sociodemographics
  • Audience persona
  • Psychological Targeting
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starting from

  • Clients Sociodemographics
  • Clients persona
  • Persona comparism
  • Priotized results
  • Action plan
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starting from

  • Competitor Sociodemographics
  • Competitor persona
  • Persona comparism
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starting from

  • Cluster Sociodemographics
  • Cluster persona
  • Persona comparism
  • Priotized results
  • Action plan
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Frequently Asked Questions

Because insights about your audience can be interesting, but it is always much more interesting to compare yourself to your audience because your can analyze your audience relative to your clients and vice versa.

First of all, AIlon is about 99% cheaper than classical market research due to our Big Data / Artficial Intelligence-based approach. Classical market research still relies heavily on manual work.
Second, the manual approach of market research insitutes also results in much lower smaple size and thus statistically less significant results and translucent correlations. AIlon is an artificial intelligence that examines any potential consumer-preference it ever oberserved with regards to causal for belonging to your audience of client group. Thus results in much more significant and accurate results.

Of course! We offer you a free demo, just send us a message. We can also create various statistics about your audience and publish them in AIlon Statistics.

Yes, we do. We offer bulk discount if AIlon analyzes more than five client groups within an audience. Just send us an E-Mail.

Not yet, we are working as hard as we can in order to change AIlon into a digital subscription-based product.

Sure. Start-Ups can apply for heavy discount, as well as small companies. AIlon Light+Clients is free for Non-Profits, just contact us and let us check if you are eligible.

Of course not. This has two reasons: an ethical and a technical.
The ethical reason is that we can not and do not want to force anybody into AIlon's analytics if he/she does not want to.
The technical reason is that we do not have to - this is what machine learning is made for. AIlon does not have to examine every single individual within your client group - in fact algorithms stop learning when sample size has been sufficient. Furhermore, AIlon profits massively from transfer learning, which means that AIlon uses co-occuring preferences and attributes from other samples.
We do not promise that AIlon will examine all of your clients, but we promise that the training set for AIlon will be absolutely sufficient.

Our definition of clients are individuals, that explicitly declared interest in a company or in one of the company‘s products within their digital footprint. The target group is defined as individuals who explicitly declared interest in products or companies in the category the company belongs to.

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