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Who is your client?

Understanding your clients and your audience is crucial to succeed, especially in competitive markets.
Today’s market reality is wildly complex, impossible to grasp from a single perspective. Millions of influences and interactions form its shape and decide over the success of companies. Identifying opportunities to capture market value becomes increasingly difficult. Classical market research and consulting companies often require you to provide data and use horrendously expensive and invalid surveys or business intelligence tools to answer one-dimensional questions about business cases, products, clients and audiences.
AIlon is different. It processed an ever-growing pool of millions of digital footprints and text sources using cutting-edge Deep Learning techniques. From this endless ocean it extracts and extensive amount of answers and insights about your customers/ competitors. The insights are then compiled into an easy-to-understand workbook showing how your customer compare to competitors/ the market/ the general public, where you lose potential and how to most efficiently bridge the gaps across six different dimensions.

The Executive Summary gives a quick overview of your client group's alignment to your ideal audience before AIlon guides you through the dimensions of market research.

Examine inefficiencies in detail

Actionable data at your fingertips

Start diving into augmented intelligence.
AIlon score of your clients can be interpreted as a score for the sum of all your strategic decisions, implicit or explicit, so far. The score is measured in six dimensions. The score in this example is 88.96%, which is a good value.
However, the score could be better: the client had a strong homebias, underestimated buying potential especially of the younger part in his audience (females, as well as males) and hispanics.

Algorithmic optimized marketing.

AIlon Microtargeting allows you to maximize the RoI of all your marketing activities by minimizing marketing wastage and maximizing returns. It enables you to easily choose the best marketing channels and comes complete with the most promising leads as well as guidance to design a sophisticated marketing campaign for you to capture maximum value from each dollar invested.

AIlon knows the individuals in your audience and AIlon knows e.g. what kind of newspapers and magazines they read. Thus, AIlon can exactly tell you what your marketing wastage equals if you would place a printed advertisement in a certain newspaper. Out of billions of potential combinations, AIlon delivers a few which results in maximized RoI of your marketing campaigns.

As AIlon knows your audience in detail, it also knows what these individuals read, watch and listen to. Thus, AIlon can tell you exactly which share of your marketing budget should be invested in which channel and second: what to target to minimize marketing wastage. AIlon can also tell you how to micro target using social media.

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Social Media
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Print Marketing
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Music Marketing (e.g. Spotify)
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Television & Smart TV
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Influencer Marketing
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Website Banners
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Sports Endorsement
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Brands (Cooperation)
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Stationary Retail (Cooperation)

Challenge AIlon and check if it also knows your brand or company. Just type in your company name or domain and AIlon will show which brands it knows. Although AIlon knows millions of companies, brands and products obviously it can not know all of them. However, even if AIlon does not know your brand, we can teach it blazingly fast and analyze your clients.


starting from

  • Audience Sociodemographics
  • Audience persona
  • Marketing channels
  • Psychological Targeting
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starting from

  • Clients Sociodemographics
  • Clients persona
  • Persona comparism
  • Priotized results
  • Action plan
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starting from

  • Competitor Sociodemographics
  • Competitor persona
  • Persona comparism
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starting from

  • Cluster Sociodemographics
  • Cluster persona
  • Persona comparism
  • Priotized results
  • Action plan
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Frequently Asked Questions

Insights into your audience are interesting. However, having both an analysis of your audience and your clients allows AIlon to identify gaps and hence provides you with a prioritized action plan to tap your full potential.

First of all, AIlon although more extensive is about 90% cheaper than classical market research due to our Big Data / Artificial Intelligence-based approach. Classical market research still relies heavily on manual work.
Second, the manual approach of market research institutes also results in much lower sample size and thus statistically often invalid results. AIlon is an artificial intelligence that examines every potential consumer-preference it has ever observed with your audience/ clients in mind. Not only do the massive datasets result in more extensive results, but the increased sample size also leads to valid and stable statistical results.

Of course! We offer a free demo. Just send us a message. We can also create various statistics about your audience and publish them in AIlon Statistics as a sneak preview.

Yes, we do. We offer bulk discount if AIlon analyzes more than five client groups within an audience. Just send us an E-Mail.

Not yet, we are working as hard as we can in order to change AIlon into a digital subscription-based product.

Sure. Start-Ups as well as small companies can apply for heavy discounts. AIlon Light+Clients is free for Non-Profits, just contact us and let us check if you are eligible.

Obviously, no. There are two for that: an ethical and a technical. The ethical reason is that we cannot and do not want to force anybody into AIlon's analytics if he/she does not want to. The technical reason is that we actually do not need to - this is what machine learning is made for. AIlon has an already massive dataset at hand from which it has derived connections and relations between topics, companies, products and so on. Now, AIlon leverages the knowledge from its former education and fine-tune its gears to perfectly fit your case.
No more data needed.

The target group is the entire group of people interested in companies/ products like the one in question. The client group on the other hand is the group of people explicitly interested in the one specific company/ product.
Consequently, the client group is always a subset of the target group.

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